Count the Spider Legs

Ready for some preschool fun? This Halloween spider activity is perfect for number recognition and to practice fine motor skills. 

Materials needed:
black cardboard
white cardboard
8 clothes pins
black marker/pen

1. Cut 2 sets of circles for each spider to give them added thickness and sturdiness for my preschoolers’ little hands, depending on the cardboard you are using. Glue them together.

2. Cut out the eyes, number and spider mouth from the white cardboard and glue them onto the round black circle.

3. Now the spiders are ready to play. Ask your toddler to put the clothes pins to each spider. Once they are all in place, you can practice counting backwards from 8 as each one is taken off. 

Tip: To make it even more fun, you can let the spiders hang from a spider web/string.