Papercup Sheep Craft

Making beautiful sheep is a great sensory activity! Practicing fine motor skills by clipping the pegs onto the cup and cutting out the sheep heads. Can you feel the soft cotton balls and rip them apart to make the little sheep even fluffier?

Materials needed:
black paint 
cardboard for the sheep heads
googley eyes

pegs for the legs (alternatively you can use straws or pipe cleaners)

paper cups
cotton balls (for cosmetic use)

1. Clip the pegs onto the cup and apply glue all over the cup, so you can stick all of the cotton on the cup. You can either stick the cotton balls onto the cup as they are, or make it a little more fluffy by pulling the cotton apart, however then you may need more glue.

2. Draw sheep faces onto cardboard paper and cut them out. Paint the sheep heads with black paint and glue on the googly eyes.

3. Glue the sheep head to the body.