Calming sensory bottle DIY box - Elbirg
Calming sensory bottle DIY box - Elbirg

Calming sensory bottle DIY box

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Make your own calming sensory bottles with your children. Calming sensory bottles are a great way to help calm children through the use of balanced visual, tactile, and auditory stimuli. As the bottle is shaken, all the colors and shapes inside the bottle are dancing around grabbing your child's attention. Sensory Bottles light up the child's imagination and provide a point of focus; which is where calm begins.

This DIY set contains the supplies to make the following 4 sensory bottles:
- ocean 
- water beads 
- night sky 
- golden rain  

This DIY box contains: 
1 frosty white box with lid 24x31x11cm (different from the product pictures)
4 empty bottles
5 jars of glitter & coloring 
2 bottles of glue
XL waterbeads, growing animals & luminous stars 

Note: the superglue should only be used by adults. 

Some of the items in this play box are restricted for under 3-year-olds, however, we advise to let the children play with parental supervision at all times.