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Dino fossil instant mix with figurines

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This ready-made mix is perfect for activities with children.

This product contains 600gr of salt dough mix with instructions and 3 dino fossil figurines as seen in the picture (the skeletons may differ from the picture).
All you have to add to this product is water.

Play ideas:
- Place the ready-made fossil in motion sand, and use a brush to dig out the fossils. (You can also do this with alphabet and number fossils, to make learning more fun)
- Match the dino fossils with the dinosaur skeletons. 
- Make dinosaur footprint fossils.
- Add coffee grounds to make them look even older.
- Make a hole at the top with a toothpick to hang them up as ornaments.

This product is NOT taste safe. It contains high amounts of salt.

Please keep in mind that children should never be left unsupervised with any of the sensory bins and messy play activities - always pay close attention to your child during playtime.
The picture of sensory bin and play ideas are only examples.
This product does not come with any play animals, sensory bins, or other accessories.