Newborn Sensory Box - Elbirg
Newborn Sensory Box - Elbirg
Newborn Sensory Box - Elbirg
Newborn Sensory Box - Elbirg
Newborn Sensory Box - Elbirg

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Are you struggling to find a unique gift for a new mother or a baby shower gift? The newborn sensory box features a collection of sensory items that help mothers to bond with their babies while playing and exploring. Sensory stimulation is incredibly important from birth for developing the baby's brain. Our newborn sensory box aims to provide a sensory experience that exposes babies to sounds, colours and textures which in turn stimulate babies senses. Suitable for children 0-6 months.

This box comes with:
- high contrast sensory cards (Emirati themed) 
- music egg
- soft ball 
- bunny rattle
- 100% cotton swaddle 
- space blanket 
- bunny teether 
- instruction sheet 

These objects have been carefully selected and aim to:
- Encourage babies interest in colour
-  Encourage babies to track and follow objects, helping to strengthen the eye muscles.
- Encourage babies to reach out
- Encourage babies to grab and develop hand/eye co-ordination
- Encourage babies to turn towards and follow sounds made.
- Enjoy social stimulation: smile, laugh and gurgle.
- Respond to facial expression
-  Encourage physical development through response to touch and holding objects.


Please note that supervision is required at all times. Colors and styles can vary.