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Rainbow Oobleck - taste-safe

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Our taste-safe messy play instant mixes are perfect for children from 6+ months. Oobleck is a liquid that behaves like a solid. (non newtonian fluid)

This product contains 785gr of mud oobleck with instructions.
All you have to add to this product is water. 

Play ideas:
- Set up two sensory trays, one with muddy oobleck and the other with soap water. Let the animals play in the mud and bring them to the washing station after.
- Add safari animals, farm animals, dinosaurs, toy cars.
- Different props like stones, cinnamon barks, dried leaves, marbles.
- Different sensory tools: spoons, potato masher, 
- Freeze it for muddy ice cream play.


Please keep in mind that toddlers should never be left unsupervised with any of the sensory bins and messy play activities - always pay close attention to your child during playtime.
The picture of sensory bin and play ideas are only examples.
This product does not come with any play animals, sensory bins or other accessories.