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Tangerine - Scented Water Beads

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Water beads which are are squishy, bouncy, smooth marbles made from polymer. They are relaxing to touch and do not feel slimey and also do not dissolve. When they reduce in size, they will grow again by adding water and can be used over and over again.  

There are many different ways to play with water beads, you can add them to your sensory bin, sort them by colors, count them, add them to shaving cream or slime, fill them into balloons, or freeze and smash them. 

You can also just open the jar of water beads and use them as an air freshener in your home. Once the smell disappears you can add an essential oil of your choice. 


This product contains 1 jar of water beads scented with natural essential oils as seen in the picture. 

This product is recommended for children over 3 years old. Water beads are non-toxic however they should not be ingested.