Taste Safe Space Toddler Sensory Box

Taste Safe Space Toddler Sensory Box

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This sensory box is perfect for young space fans! It comes with everything you need to do 4 different messy play setups. This box is suitable for children from 6+ months.

The Taste Safe Space Toddler Sensory Box comes with 
- 1 clear plastic customized box (39x28x14cm)
- 1 frosty white box with lid (24x31x11cm) without customization

This sensory box includes recipes & dry ingredients for the (4) following taste-safe recipes:
1. galaxy oobleck
2. fizzy moon rocks
3. alien slime
4. jelly night sky

All you will need from your pantry is water and oil. One recipe in this sensory box also requires a stove and a freezer.


Please keep in mind that toddlers should never be left unsupervised with any of the sensory bins and messy play activities - always pay close attention to your child during playtime.