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Turtle Bay - Sensory Bin with Aqua sand

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Hello turtle lovers! Build a beautiful turtle bay for all of the turtles to swim in, and dig through the sand to find the peals. Add them to the treasure chest by using the scoop tool to practice fine motor skills. Aqua sand is magical sand that never gets wet. Playing with sand and water practices eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills by scooping, sifting, and pouring.

The turtle bay sensory bin contains:
1 jar of blue aqua sand (240grams)
1 jar of yellow aqua sand (240grams)
1 jar of green aqua sand (240grams)
5 turtles
3 small ocean animals  
glass marbles, pearls, shells & other accessories 
1 treasure chest
1 scoop tool 


Items may vary slightly from kit to kit and will not exactly match the pictures.

Some of the items in this box are restricted for under 3-year-olds, however, we advise letting children play with parental supervision at all times.

The themed sensory bins are great for teaching toddlers and preschoolers fine motor skills, encouraging independent play, and helping to increase kids' attention spans.